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{Monday, April 04, 2005}

I've been thinking about posting for a long time and have never actually followed through. Today has been sufficiently dumb and bad that it's time to post.

I don't really feel like going into detail about the badness right now. Better for all that I don't waste your time. Here's a little sample, though, of why today is bad: I have a store that I run, and I hired students to work for me. That all went okay, but I wish it was possible to discriminate based on musical taste, being as I sell music. It should be against the law to live in the world and be 18+ years old and NOT KNOW WHO BILLY IDOL IS. I do not care how sheltered you were, it should still be illegal. I had someone updating the music bestsellers charts and our pal Billy has a new album out. My employee wanted to know where she'd find this album, if we had it. Because she didn't have any idea who he is or what genre of music he sings. I am suddenly so tired. I just can't stand it.

Also, how many weird Disney albums is it possible to have in the Top 100? The answer this week is: 3

Unfortunately, I can't count the creepy Kidz Bop stuff, as it's not Disney. I don't know who thought a bunch of seven-year-olds singing "My Boo" was a good idea, but they're even too evil for me.

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