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{Wednesday, March 22, 2006}

A pig is a filthy animal
or, reason #53 our landlord is a dumbass

So, I goaded Shirley into asking our landlord if we could have a dog. Poor Shirley. Please accept my public apology for making you take that bullet. After hemming and hawing and generally going on and on about completely unrelated shit (as he is wont to do), Landlord said he'd really prefer not, since they can pee on the floor and mess it up. Which could be a valid point, were our floor not already in really crappy condition.

Shirley was nice about it and ended the conversation, but apparently was stopped by Landlord the next day with the suggestion that maybe we should "get a mink." As a pet. Um, okay. And weren't you worried about ruining the apartment? I mean, aside from the fact that minks are not pets but wild animals, and the fact that he maybe meant ferrets, and that they can be kept in cages, they smell absolutely vile. So we can't have a dog, who could be trained to go outside and would generally smell okay most of the time, but we're encouraged to get one of the smelliest animals people voluntarily put in their houses? I give up.

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